The 3D Curly Christmas Tree Card

Full instructions and downloads to create this fun and unusual festive card.

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Want to send an unusual festive card this year, one that the receiver can enjoy making themselves? Want to make a card that will stand out on the mantlepiece like no other? 

What you will need:

An A4 piece of thin green card.            
An A4 piece of thin gold card.          
Some stick-on gems or similar sparkly decoration.  
A pair of small sharp scissors.            
A gold (or other colour) metallic pen.
A sharp new pencil.      
A two pence piece.    
A tube of superglue.      
A small blob of blu-tac.
Instruction and template downloads from this site below.

What you will need

Here's how:

1) Download the three files above.

2) Print out the 'tree template' on to thin green card. Card from a standard stationers should be thin enough to be used in your home printer. Each sheet of A4 size will be enough to make 2 cards.

3) Print out the 'star template' onto thin gold card. This card can be bought from a craft shop and will work in a normal home printer. Make sure that you print the design on to the white side of the card. You will only need a small part of the full A4 sheet, so there will be enough card to make other festive decorations if you want.

4) Gather all that you will need together (see list above) and follow the instructions you've downloaded to either create a card for yourself or create a kit to send to someone as a Christmas card. 

Have fun and remember not to run with scissors. Also, be careful with the superglue. And keep the card away from naked flames, it won't be fire-proof. And don't stab yourself with the sharp pencil.

I think that's it.